Note:  If you are wanting to become  a new patient with our office, please call us at (530) 893-4044. After scheduling an appointment, you will be able to complete your child's registration forms by clicking "Register"  under "New Patients". Our office requests completion of the registration forms at least 5 days prior to your child's scheduled appointment. Please be aware our website does not respond to entries from cell phones or tablets.
We look forward to meeting your child!  Dr. Roos and Dr. Tornabene would like your child's first visit to our office to be as pleasant as possible. Often, parents and children do not know what to expect; therefore, it is not unusual for both parents and children to be a little apprehensive about the first dental visit. We'd like to let you how we do things ahead of time, so that your first visit will be a more relaxed.   Also, please feel free to visit our office prior to your first visit if you would like or if it would ease your anxiety.

At the initial visit, we want to introduce our practice to your child, in a fun, unthreatening manner. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive exam and to address any special concerns that you may have. We would like to be sure that you leave the office with all your questions answered.  At your child's first visit, we will review your child's medical history, and consider any special circumstances. Preventive dental care is a key part of our philosophy, so aside from a thorough cleaning and fluoride application, we emphasize proper brushing and flossing technique as well as extensive diet counseling. As part of our examination, we often take cavity-detecting x-rays and occasionally other films to evaluate the health and growth of your child's teeth. We will discuss all findings and future needs with you.


We understand that a visit to the dentist can be frightening for some children.  We are able to avoid and conquer most dental fears through patience, empathy and education. But we cannot do it alone. Your role as a parent is essential in preparing your child for their dental visit.

We encourage you to frame his or her upcoming visit to the dentist as a positive experience. For example, a simple statement the night before might include, "Tomorrow we are going to meet your new dentist. He or she really likes children and will count your teeth and check out your bright smile.  I think it will be very fun for you." Let your child know that we will explain all procedures and will answer all of his or her questions. We will introduce the equipment we may be using, such as the "tooth counter" (dental explorer), "tiny tooth mirror" (mouth mirror), and "Mr. Thirsty" (mouth suction). To help ensure a positive experience for your child, please avoid discussing any negative dental experiences or anxiety that you may have. Avoid fearful phrases and anxiety producing words such as "it won't hurt", "I won't let the doctor hurt you", "shot", "drill" or "needle".  Also, please ask older children to not scare the child either!  Children can easily pick up on their parents' anxiety and express it as their own. You can let your child know that you will be with them the entire time during their first visit - it may help them to know that you will by their side.

We aim to deliver the best dental care we can in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any special concerns or if there is something in particular we can do to make your child as comfortable as possible.